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M.T.Q. Public High School is located at Wuyan Pampore in the laps of mountain called "Khare-Baal" which is the origin of famous sulphur spring. The school was established in the year 1968. The school is situated 18 miles away from the Srinagar City.

M.T.Q. stands for Madrasa Taleem-Ul Quran Public High School. Its aim, as the name indicates is to spread the Quranic/Islamic knowledge to the people of Kashmir and others. The first Ayat which was revealed to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was (Iqra) which means “read”. The verse says: "Read in the name of Allah who created man from Alaq (a leech like thing)".

As stated by Prophet Mohammad(PBUH) that, "Pursuit of knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim, male and female".  In another Hadit the Prophet (PBUH) has said, “Seek knowledge from cradle to grave”. Although M.T.Q school has been established on Islamic principles yet its doors are open for all irrespective of religion, creed, caste or colour.  We believe knowledge is not the monopoly of anyone. We do not believe in the Muslim sectarianism.

It is by the grace of Almighty Allah we have been able to bring our school to the level of the reputed schools of the Pulwama. We have been able to built confidence in our students and we firmly believe that they can compete not only with the students of the reputed schools of the valley but the students coming out of any of the schools across the country. We aspire to mould our students and carve them out to be the best personalities who are embodiment of good behaviour, excellent character and pleasing manners. The school wants to develop in our students the values which define honesty, compassion, respect for self and others, commitment, justice, dedication, loyalty and truthfulness.

We believe education is the great weapon by which we can eradicate the ignorance and social evils prevailing in our society. We wish to produce the students who would be an asset to the Muslim community in particular and humanity in general. We want to see in them the highest degree of faith and morality so that they perform their duties diligently and sincerely. We want to inculcate in them the habits of highest character. Truth-fullness, trustworthiness, diligence and loyalty are a few qualities, which should be displayed by their character. Sincerity and hard work should be the mark of their identity.

If we glance at the Kashmir valley twenty years ago, we would find that we underwent a difficult period of our life. The entire valley witnessed the period of great sufferings and crisis. Disturbances, chaos, confusion, depression and panic had gripped the entire valley. Education system was badly hit and it was in the midst of these unfavorable circumstances M.T.Q School is on its voyage in the ocean of education.

At M.T.Q, we strive to build long lasting relationships among students and staff that encourage open discussion and provide activities that develop our Students Stronger.
Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.