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Principal’s Desk
The term "school activities" applies to a wide range of skill-based games, strategies and interactive activities that support students’ educational development.

The goal of all activities is to enhance students’ understanding, skill or effectiveness in a specific area by engaging multiple styles of learning. School activities also serve to infuse fun into learning as well as bolster student confidence and the ability to think critically.

Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) refer to those activities which complement learning experience of the students in the schools. They are done inside the classroom. These activities are connected with academic and are organized or designed to help the students have a better understanding of his course. They are integral to the classroom and result in a course grade and credit. Examples: Quiz, Mental Mathematics, spell bee, etc.,.

Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) or Extra Academic Activity (EAC) refer to those activities which are totally outside the realm of normal curriculum, but are essential for the all round development of the students. They are done outside the classroom and some are done outside the school. They are outside of classroom instruction and don’t result in a course grade nor credit. Examples: Sports, including soccer, baseball, scooter racing, hockey, swimming. Performing arts, including dance, drama, ballet, choir, and band. Creative arts, including painting, drawing, crafts, etc.
Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.